WICE - English Enabled Environment

WICE- EEE is a Unique Programme of the Institution that has been started its courses in all sorts of schools and colleges in South India to empower the students in their Effective and Efficient English Communication.

In the present global scenario, Communicative English has become indispensable in every walk of life. Moreover, in the most competitive world, the best communicator is the best celebrity in his/her field. English has become a passion and fashion for all types of people. It is not a knowledge to be acquired, but a skill to be mastered through perpetual practices. In this regard, WICE has become a milestone of Communicative English to enhance and to empower the school children as well as the college students through its intellectual curriculum and its dynamic coaching.

WICE-EEE has been very distinguishing and outstanding since 2005 and the Academic Achievements by the students through WICE Faculty have been significant and prominent. WICE Porgrammes have been welcomed and have been installed in the schools and colleges which are very much caring about the fantastic career of their students. The parents of the students are proud to see their children achieving great things by bringing out their inborn potentials by involving themselves fully into the innovative and creative programmes introduced by WICE Faculty. In fact, WICE makes you what you can actually be.
Step into WICE to Step up in Life.

In-House Enhancement

The head-office of WICE is the best educational abode for the youngsters and house-wives for their English Enhancement. The well-furnished class room with the modern equipments for the easy English learning along with the eloquent facilitator makes the language learning swift and simple. In this process, all the barriers of language learning have been turned into stepping stones to the mastery of the language. The following programmes have been incorporated into In-House Training:

  • Conversational Skills
  • Functional English
  • Every day Communication
  • Calligraphy
  • Lingo phone
  • Telephonic Conversation
  • Phonetics
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Public-Speaking Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Group Dynamics
  • Treasures from Video Clippings

The In-House curriculum has been formulated with meticulous care understanding the psychology of the learners to acquire the skills with Ease and Efficiency. Thus, the language learning is made more joyful through activities, visuals, observation, listening and constant drilling.

School Enhancement

The best place to stimulate the language learning in child and the best place to elevate a personality to its peak is School. School is the center of learning and greater achievements. On this inspiration, WICE has been doing Communicative English Programme in the schools appointing its Well-Trained Faculty who are fluent, eloquent, creative and stimulative. The facilitating faculty of our Institution promote the fluency of English Communication in children through their industrious and unending guidance. The vivacious class-room teaching vibrates every student's mind to learn the structures with zeal and zest, besides innovative programmes in the campus that lift the students up from intellectual penury into intellectual prosperity.

    The most notable programmes of WICE at School Campus are given below:

  • WICE EEE (English Enabled Environment)
  • WICE Royal Reinforcement
  • WICE English Club
  • WICE Star of the Month/Year
  • WICE Class Trophy
  • WICE Dynamic Class- Room Teaching
  • WICE Notification Board
  • WICE Language Day
  • WICE Inter-School Meet
  • WICE Notification Board
  • WICE Phonic Drill
  • WICE Prefect in every Class-Room
  • WICE English Exhibition
  • WICE Vocabulary Board
  • WICE Grammar Treasure
  • WICE Campus Interaction
  • WICE Fortnight Treasure
  • WICE Treasures from Video Clipping
  • WICE Career Communication Tips
  • WICE Resourceful Assembly
  • WICE Elocution
  • WICE Life Skills

College Enhancement

The Educational Enrichment has been surplus in Colleges where the students engage themselves in Research, Expedition, Exploration, Analysis and Investigation. All research works are done and presented in English. To enhance their pursuit of knowledge, WICE has ventured for Communicative English Programme in colleges. Here, the WICE Tutor promotes English Communication from the known to the unknown through creative activities by stimulating their previous knowledge. The Enthusiastic energy created in students encourages them to the mastery of language hastily.

    The most remarkable programmes of WICE at College Campus are given below:

  • Situational Class Room
  • Business Letter Writing
  • Analytical Debates
  • CAL (Computer Assisted Learning)
  • E-mail Writing
  • Constructive Argument
  • Phonetic Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Stress and Intonation
  • Extempore
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Group Discussions
  • Apt Vocabulary Building
  • Treasures from Video Clipping

The college programme is carried on the basis of credits. Each credit has 15 class-hours. Every credit has its own general and specific objectives of training the student. We assure a vast difference in the college campus after our programme, in particular the written and spoken communication among the students.

WICE- STEP (Smart Teachers Enhancement Programme)

WICE provides an exclusive programme for the teachers for their enhancement. Teachers orientation programme has been arranged in all the schools where we do the Communicative English Programme for the students. Besides, it has also been arranged in other schools and colleges. The future of the nation is in the hands of a teacher. A teacher can change the destiny of the nation. In other words, a teacher is an architect of the nation. On this conviction, WICE has been training the teachers of different educational institutions in order to stimulate their Communicative skills and Personality Development.

    In this endeavor, WICE has been facilitating the teachers in the following aspects:

  • Personality Development
  • Basic English Grammar
  • Phonetic Training
  • Student's Psychology
  • Advanced English Grammar
  • Creativity
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Class-Room Management
  • Group Discussions
  • Educational Counseling
  • Effective Class-Room Teaching
  • Debate
  • Communicative Skills
  • Different Methods of Teaching
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Qualitative Education
  • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Argumentive Skills

WICE- STEP has been arranged in the respective school or college campus or in WICE-Head-Office depending upon the requirement either in every term (One or two Days Orientation) or once in a year (One week Orientation). The goal of WICE-STEP is to create teachers of Efficiency, Empowerment and Enhancement. For this, the teachers are effectively trained by the Well-Experienced and Skillful Facilitators of WICE.

WICE - Winners Institute of Cultural Education

WICE has launched a new perspective in Education, that is, Cultural Education. Academic Excellence alone will not bring over-all development in students. Besides Academic Excellence, students have to grow in their inborn talents to the core. For this intention, WICE has been providing Cultural Education Training for the students in the schools and colleges. On special days, WICE trains the students as well as teachers for the enchanting cultural performance which adds splendor and beauty in the history of school or college.

    WICE provides the following creative programmes on special occasions on the basis of relevance and charisma:

  • Creative Master of Ceremony
  • Campus Decoration
  • Moral Skits
  • Welcome Speech & Vote of Thanks Preparation
  • Historical Plays
  • New-Generation Drama(Cooperatives)
  • Report Preparation
  • Tragic Plays
  • Mime Show
  • Invitation Card Preparation
  • Comedy Plays
  • Tableau
  • Stage Decoration
  • Horror Drama
  • Magic Show

Cultural Education has a great impact on the self-actualization of every student. Thus, through this Cultural Education, WICE stimulates every student's potentials in order to elevate them to the peak of their Glorious Life.