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Rev. Fr. P. Arul Nathan M.A., M.A., M.Phil., M.Ed.,

The Correspondent & Headmaster, St. Joseph's Hr. Sec. School, Manjakuppam, Cuddalore (Dt).

Learning a language is to understand others to form connections. English is considered as the universal language. If one aspires to get to know the universal community, then, learning the universal language viz., English becomes essential and necessary. Knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into practice. Learning English is of no value, unless one practises speaking it out. Here comes the need for the Spoken English. The WICE Team by teaching the students “Communicative English” introduces the children to the universal community.

The WICE Team, by the way of conducting competitions, games, practising conversations, helps the students’ community to speak in English without fear. Added to that, I greatly appreciate the WICE team for adding an extra flavour to the school assembly through Scripture Reading, Conversations, Riddles, Interesting facts, etc., I take this opportunity to congratulate and felicitate the whole WICE Team for their contribution towards the formation of our students. I wish you all the best. May God Bless you!

Rev. Sr. Josephine Jeyarani M.Sc., B.Ed.,

The Principal, St. Mary’s Matric Hr. Sec. School, Mettur Dam

A WICE seed sowed in 2012 by the Managing Director of WICE, Dr. A. Francis Xavier in St. Marian ground, had started its sprout and had attained its Zenith in the land of God sheltering many valuable kids as its asset in its shade. It had been nursed by the faculty of WICE team. Energetic and dynamic staff with hard labour and enthusiasm had triggered a spirit of motivation in the mind of students. WICE team’s varied interest, teaching style, dictionary search, innovation, extensive revision, guidance, verbal reference, facilitate the students to get into the steps of thinking, grease the mind and bridge them towards illumination and mind - blowing while thought provoking.

Students had been flooded with black board work to strengthen, deepen and widen their vocabulary power. Specially designed curriculum had signaled out music blast and light flash in the campus, when WICE team indulges the students in English test, language day to tap out the hidden potentials within them and to play genuine role in their school days, which could axe out or pencil down their unfavorable environment. Totally, it had been a spectacular and pageantry scene to visualize when students had been blessed with the privacy and privilege of learning effective English with talcum white aim. A gifted boon to St.Marian family stands under our wish and applause which may switch over to many more happy returns with heartfelt congratulations.

Rev. Fr. G. Cosmon Arokia Raj M.A., S.T.D.,

The Correspondent Fatima Matriculation School, Jayankondam

Charlesmagne says, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” To have one soul and to feel and connect with life is a wonderful feeling. But, can you imagine being able to do this with two or more languages? The purpose of training our students to communicate in English is to have a better future. WICE, under the able guidance of Dr. A. Francis Xavier, is offering this facility in various schools. We are happy that they are rendering their service in our institution and always explore the possibilities to grow mutually. May God continue to bless WICE Institution that it may grow and work for the grooming of young minds to bloom wherever they are planted.

Mr M. D. Pany B. Com.,

The Correspondent Sri Mahadeva Guruji Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Valangaiman

The essentials of English Communication Skills are indispensable for the present generation to exhibit their inborn potentials to the core. English, being the International Language, invites everyone for its mastery in order that everyone can raise himself / herself to the International Standard. In this perspective, I have a high appreciation to WICE that trains my school students and many school Students in South India with the proficient faculty members and with their exceptional curriculum. I wish WICE Team for all their future endeavors.

Dr. Christobel Jermi M.Sc., B.Ed., M. Phil., Ph.D.

The Principal, Sathya Saai Public School (CBSE), Pasar.

As the head of this great institution, I'm proud to have the Communicative English Course in my school premises undertaken by WICE. I am very happy to see the way of implementation and the approach by the faculty of WICE. It's really an “EYE-OPENING Course” for the gradual progress of the students in Communicative Skills. So, wholeheartedly I would like to thank the team members of WICE for their systematic planning, timely execution and periodic monitoring of our students for their future upliftment.

Mrs. Latha M.Com, M.Ed., MCA., MBA., M.Phil.,

Additional Principal, A.R.R. Matirc. Hr. Sec. School, Kumbakonam.

I am indeed very honoured to be a witness of the growth of my students through WICE-EEE. Obviously, it is a wonderful chance for my students to expose all their inbuilt talents in English and through English. WICE is definitely doing a great and useful service to the students in my school in all the levels. This communicative English Course offered by WICE is an essential platform for the students to see their future filled up with a lot of challenges and opportunities in English. I congratulate the administrative team and the faculty of WICE to render their service in many more schools all over India.

Mrs. Sinatra B. Com., HSM.,

The General Secretary, YWCA School, Madurai.

English has become the bread of life in the modern era and its necessity is very indispensable. In this regard, there are many institutions to provide Communicative English programme. But, exceptionally I find WICE as the outstanding institution to provide Communicative English Programme to the full satisfaction of the schools and I'm the witness to it. WICE carries out her training in the student-centred manner that reflects in the rapid improvement with good involvement in the students. I am proud to have them in my campus and I wish them to spread wide in order that lakhs of students can benefit out of their programme all over.

Rev. Fr. M. Charles B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A.,

The Correspondent, Mother Theresa Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Kayathar, Tuticorin (Dt)

English has become the global language and everyone has to be a master of it so as to deploy them in natural communication. The WICE Team has taken up the responsibility of making the students communicate freely in English in my school. Their professional ethics develop the students' communication skills swiftly and joyfully. In the past four years of my experience with WICE in my school, we find profound changes. They have made the students skilled to use the language studies in the classroom for real life purpose.

Mrs. K.J. Jasmine M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,

The Principal Sathya Saai Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Pasar, Cuddalore (Dt)

In fact, I am very happy to state that the service rendered by WICE Team in my school campus is awesome. It has indeed plunged its heart and soul in the field of Communicative English. The students of our school have been benefiting a lot from this practical and realistic course of Communication in English through the Activity Based Teaching. As the team members of WICE have implanted the seeds of English in the soil of my school students, now my students are able to fly by their own wings in English and through English. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the WICE board of Administrators and the faculty for nurturing support in developing the communicative skills in English in our premise. Surely, WICE-EEE helps the students to prune the lives in future.

Rev. Sr. A. Charles MA., B Ed.,

The Headmistress St. Joseph Girls’ Hr. Sec. School, Madurai (Dt).

It is my great privilege to say that WICE has been improving my students' communicative skills in a creative way and their results are praise-worthy. Students flock to WICE Faculty members always. This shows that their faculty members approach the students in a gentle manner and thus instill in them the language. What impresses me a lot is that the teachers who teach Tamil and Hindi, have started to speak English well which is really a great effort from WICE Team. I congratulate them for their efforts and wish them all success ever as they are now.

Rev. Dr. A. Alagu Selvan M. Phil., DCL.,

The Director, John Britto Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Omalur, Salem (Dt).

WICE motivates the students by increasing their speaking ability as well as giving knowledge and ideas on various topics. At the same time, proper care has been taken to see that the spoken language is simple and precise. This helps our students in developing keen sense for further imagination. The art of conversation in English is one of the most distinctive features of human personality. A student who speaks well in English, stands out even in a crowd. By this, the student makes his presence felt. This has been made possible by WICE team by giving the best speaking practice to our school children.

Rev. Sr. A. Flora Mary M.Sc., B.Ed.,

The Secretary, Servite Group of Institutions, Thogaimalai, Karur (Dt).

The WICE programme is…. a Wistful communication….. an Innovative concept….. a Cumulative effort…. an Engraved memory….. The WICE faculty are…. Wise in their teaching…. Inventive in their approach….. Creative in their methods….. Efficient in their language…. Today, as we take a bow from the organization, thank you dear colleagues for the support and long term working rapport you have shared with us. We really appreciate your working term and your help throughout these years, We extend our good wishes for your future.

Mr. K. Deva Raj

The Founder & Chairman, Chanakya Group of Institutions, Tindivanam, Villupuram (Dt).

We would like to thank the WICE Team for their effective training. Our children have developed their communication skills and knowledge and they speak stylish and well. WICE Faculty are very active and always interacting with the students. The teaching methodologies used by them are highly interactive. The administrators, along with their faculty, motivate the students to speak English fluently with confidence. Apart from their syllabus, they introduce various activities and programmes to enrich students' language skills and to bring out their hidden talents. The parents of our school have acknowledged their full satisfaction of works done by WICE. So, I wish WICE for “Their Noble Service” to our Global Language.

Mr. N. Asokan

The Correspondent, Neelan Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Nidamangalam, Thiruvarur (Dt).

The WICE team members are very authentic in their curriculum, systematic in their programmes and Enthusiastic in their execution. They approach the students with an innovative perspective to train them on speaking English in a better way. The overwhelming and enthusiastic efforts of WICE to improve and sharpen the communicative English Skills with the innovative and interactive methods are mind-boggling and fabulous. I am certain that WICE vitalizes the South Indian School students with the mastery of English. I pray and wish them every success.

Mr. Duraisamy

The Correspondent Sishya Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Tiruvannamalai (Dt).

It’s our pleasure to record our appreciation to the Winners Institute of Communicative English. Your effort helps our students in maximizing their comfort and style in all possible ways. So, keep trying to get the best out of everything from our students. Your attempt in issuing wise star of WICE, Winners score board, Wice notification board makes our students participate in learning English with ease. We wish that you should reach to cent percent and deal with almost all aspects of language skills. Thanks for performing your duty with us.